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Board Members

We are a collective of agencies, technology vendors, innovators, and brands working together to pioneer the next evolution of advertising. 

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Harry Syed

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Harry is currently the Chief Innovation Officer at Zimmerman Advertising in North Miami. His focus there has been transforming digital practices to drive innovation and acceleration for advertisers. Some notable brands he has lead initiatives for in a global capacity include Unilever, P&G, GSK, Pepsico, Mcdonalds, and the Volkswagen group. 

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Anne Bologna

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Anne is  Chief Strategy Officer at Crossmedia, where she pioneers ways to engage with consumers in digital-first world. Most notably, she was a Founding Partner and CEO of a creative agency in NYC whose most celebrated campaigns, “Elf Yourself," achieved unique notoriety when it spread virally to reach 200 million people in less than six weeks.


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Curtis Hougland

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Curtis is the founder and CEO of People First Marketing. He launched People First and its sister company Main Street One after working at the front lines of mitigating Russian, ISIL, Alt-Right, and Anti-Vaxx propaganda. Curtis also was a apart of Joe Biden's social "War Room", and sits on various DAPRA boards. 


Mathew Sweezey

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Mathew Sweezey is the Director of Market Strategy, co-runs the Salesforce Futures LAB, and his latest, The Context Marketing Revolution, was published by Harvard Business Press, and awarded the best Marketing Book of 2021 by Axiom. 

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Al Torres

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Al is an entrepreneur and executive with 15+ years of experience in sales, business development, and product marketing. Currently, the VP Revenue & Partnerships at Swayable, a global research platform focused on predicting the impact of creative/messaging on consumer brand opinion.

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Nick Entwistle

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Nick is the Creative Director and Founder of the Bank of Creativity, and runs One Minute Briefs. He is a social virtuous with numerous viral campaigns reaching over a half a billion over 24 hours, 

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Matthew Willse

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Matthew is a tech and design leader, VP of Product and Design at Swayable, where he develops a global research platform that measures public opinion and rapidly tests how media content changes it.


Matt Robbins

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Matt is a market research and strategy executive with over 13 years of experience working with consumer and B2B companies. He launched the research function for LEWIS and leads the development of new research processes and methodologies for LEWIS clients.


Brian Solis

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Brian Solis is a world-renowned digital anthropologist and futurist who serves as Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. Forbes has called him “one of the more creative and brilliant business minds of our time,” Brian is also an 8x best-selling author and international keynote speaker.


Noam Harel

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Noam Harel serves as the EVP of Marketing at BrandTotal. An expert in designing disruptive solutions and strategy and leverage cutting-edge business intelligence tools. Noam is a member of the Forbes Communications Council and the CMO Council Advisory Board.

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