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What Is Fast Advertising?

Fast Advertising is an emerging marketing strategy that plugs brands into real-time cultural and social trends. By rapidly sensing and responding to opportunities in culture, brands deepen relevance at unprecedented speed and scale.

Fast Advertising helps brands #winthemoment. 

Why Fast Adverting?

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The speed of modern media cycles is measured in minutes, while most Ad Campaigns take months to plan and deliver. The pace of modern life demands brands can win the moment. 

Fast is disruptive. Zara, H&M, and South Park have all proven a brands ability to go to market faster with a product based off of cultural context is a competitive advantage.  

Consumers demands have shifted. With the rise of modern media consumer don't want to be talked "at" rather "conversed with". 

The key elements of Fast Advertising

Sense & Respond

Break through and build brands by aligning to your audiences context of the moment. This requires real time audience insights, and the ability to act on them in the moment. 

RAPID Creative

New content creation methods such as, fast creative, co-creation, and AI enabled creation are allowing brands to produce more content faster. 

Brand SAFEty

By utilizing new fast testing models fast ads can be tested and proven brand safe in a matter of hours, not weeks. 


Fast Advertising allows a brand to go from a cultural moment to an ad in market in as little as hours, allowing them to reach a new level of context.

Fast Ads In The Wild

kit kat.jpeg

Fast ads methods can be applied to traditional mediums (Print, Out of Home, Etc) to expand successful efforts, but Fast Advertising is primarily designed to execute across digital mediums and in near real time. 

Audi followed the Fast Advertising method to produce this broadcast TV Spot in under 48 hours. 

KitKat created this award winning out of home advertisement based off of a spec ad created from a Fast Advertising method.


Leading Brands Embracing Fast Advertising 

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